TrainSignal: Cisco CCNA 640-802 4DVD

ciscoccnaheromotv2 TrainSignal: Cisco CCNA 640 802 4DVD
TrainSignal: Cisco CCNA 640-802 4 DVD-ISOs
Genre: Training | English | 4 DVD ISOs | 10.14 GB

In 3 Days or Less, You’ll Learn How To Install, Operate, and Troubleshoot a Small to Medium Enterprise Branch Network... And Have the Knowledge to Pass the Cisco CCNA 640-802 Exam… Guaranteed!

By Chris Bryant

Once upon a time, I was in your shoes. Yes, I know how difficult it is to get started with Cisco studies. But stick to it and I promise, the challenges will pay off handsomely. The CCNA is Cisco’s entry level certification exam, but it is not easy. And since the CCNA covers a wide array of topics, I have designed this course to help you tackle those diverse challenges. The key to exam and job success is in the details. And most of those details are hard won from real world experience. Everything I am going to teach you, I wish someone would have taught me when I first started studying for my CCNA. At least you can benefit from my hard won experience and hopefully not repeat the same mistakes.

As with all Train Signal courses, I break down the theory and “real world” application of Cisco Networking. This exciting course contains nearly 29 hours of video instruction where I break down networking theory as you work hands on with real Cisco routers & switches… and build your own working network!
Course Outline
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Cisco CCNA Training – Course Outline

Lesson 1 – Introduction to CCENT
Lesson 2 – Introduction to Networking and the Networking Models
Lesson 3 – Ethernet Standards and Cable Types
Lesson 4 – Switching
Lesson 5 – Common Router and Switch Commands
Lesson 6 – IP Addressing and the Routing Process
Lesson 7 – ARP, DNS and DHCP
Lesson 8 – Memory Components and Config Files
Lesson 9 – Intro to Wireless Networks (WLANs)
Lesson 10 – Binary Math and Subnetting
Lesson 11 – Static Routing and RIP
Lesson 12 – Wide Area Networks (WANs)
Lesson 13 – Troubleshooting
Lesson 14 – Introduction to Network Security
Lesson 15 – Introduction to ICND2
Lesson 16 – Switching II
Lesson 17 – PTP WAN Links, HDLC, PPP, and Frame Relay
Lesson 18 – Static Routing and RIP
Lesson 19 – OSPF
Lesson 20 – EIGRP
Lesson 21 – IP Version 6 and NAT
Lesson 22 – VPNs and IPSec
Lesson 23 – ACLs and Route Summarization
Lesson 24 – Variable Length Subnet Masking



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