Facial Rigging in CINEMA 4D

Facial Rigging in CINEMA 4D Facial Rigging in CINEMA 4D

Facial Rigging in CINEMA 4D | 1.4 Gb
Software Used: CINEMA 4D R13 | Resolution: 1280×720(.flv) | Audio: mp3 96 Kbps | Completion Time: 04 hrs. 09 min.
Genre: eLearning | Difficulty: Advanced | Language: English | Instructor: Delano Athias

In this set of CINEMA 4D tutorials we will learn how to setup a face for animation in CINEMA 4D. Throughout the tutorial we’ll focus on providing animators with the control they need to create believable expressions with a control rig that computes fast. We’ll also creatively explore several techniques and tools that can be used to create natural deformations. Step by step, we’ll make a facial rig that is robust and animator-friendly. We’ll learn everything from how to set up pose morphs, to learning a technique that simulates fleshy eyes. We’ll learn how to pin objects to a deforming surface, how to set up Priorities for the rig to evaluate properly, and we’ll also become familiar several of CINEMA 4D’s rigging tools. By the end of this tutorial, you’ll have the knowledge you need to create facial rigs that produce natural and entertaining expressions.

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